The simple answer to this incredibly simple. A womans place is in the home.

The Proof

When Britain was great. Women knew their place. The stayed home and supported their men abroad. The British Empire was built on the back of women who knew thier place. They were stong enough to stay home day in day out, and contet themselves while inspiring their men with letters of support, to massacre the Indians.

Women got antsy and decided to work, no problem, but then, having the gall to lead men telling men what to do it was the disruption of life as we know it. Germany decided to start a war and women were called to the frontilnes,of the labour force, to take the places of the average men. But after the war what did they do, they were addicted to power. They wanted to lead, to be involved in politics and then after a couple decades of this. We get WORLD WAR 2 coincidence I think not ma'am. Women didn't get the message and what happened, then Margrett Thatcher, but she was more of a monster than a woman. Since then we've scene earthquakes (remember boobquake). In oreder for natural disaster to cease and world peace to riegn is for women to get thier pride back into thier pontulius' and the then we will be Happy again.

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