If it dosent get read out on the bugle I might as well put it here

Yo Andy Dog what up in the hizzle and (john whatever) I like to tell you my Bird story it was quite poldlezingerIt was an average day when I was in elementary school, I really wasn't expecting that anything would happen, but alas fate had a different path. I loaded the bus with my friends and we expected an easy ride home of swearing and talking about how Greenpeace blamed fat people for world hunger. No lie. As we left the school we encountered a bus from another elementary school.We payed little attention exept I who looked and saw one of them flip us the bird. So I stood up and shouted from the back of the bus. "Hey that guy gave us the finger (thats how we say bird over here) everyone go to the other side and give it back." and so we did we gave them the real British broadsiding. 40 to 45 kids stood up and flooded to the other side flipping birds as vehemently as they could. It was the greatest broadside statement since Nelson mooned the French ship Camonbere before promptly issuing his own broadsiding and sinking it. Imagine the shocked, scared, and angry faces of kids 8 to 13 staring at us unaware that they had done anything wrong. A few they stared unable to turn their eyes away from what they saw it was probably the largest bird expo since Darwin collected every bird in the Caribbean to show the king. Every colour size shape, stylistic preference was shown, some ranging from the double bird, thumbs raised or not, was delivered in a barrage rage. within second many wilted but two or three atempted to return fire but they were easily dispatched. Then we settled back laughing at our victory and going back to laughing at people in the cars beside us. your mavrick bugleitarianPeachfuzz

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