In wake of the Andy Zaltzman and the Bugle refrences found all over wikipedia, it is time that avid Buglers around the world unite to openly revolt against the Bul***t in society. The following are the planned operations to take place in the near future. For optimal effectiveness we need to get this mentioned on the Bugle for these plans to be most effective.

Operation Misinformation

In wake of the Bugle wikipedia enterances it is time to up our game, I found the Gaddafi entence very well done. Any topic Andy put in the bin if it can be any way be related to fact then go for it. For example It hasn't been put up yet, but under Pontefract/history on wikipedia one could place,

Amature historian and Host of the Bugle podcast Andy Zaltzman claimed to have found a 16 century illuminated manuscript recounting the tail of Brendan of Pontefract who died of "a mixture of indigestion and laughter... this bassically means he died while perpetrating the funniest belch ever." he also claimed he was "wolfing down a warthog and rabbit head baguette." It is doubtful as to the validity of this manuscript but Zaltzman cliams it is true, and has made no further comment.

It's just an example try to do stuff like that. Niether the Bugle, nor I advocate lying because simply, wheres the fun in that make sure that andy Zaltzman and John Oliver have said it and that the Bugle is a part of the entry.

Operation You-go Hugo

For those of you who don't know Hugo Chavez has a face book page our goal is too fill it to the brim with spam and bulls**t our goal is get him off face book try saying stuff like,

"Andy Zaltzman says go f**k yourself"

"Gaddafi did your mom"

"Kim Jong Ill says your a tool"

and various heckles.

Operation O.J. Troll

Simply put bassically follow mr Oliver around and do stupid things, like in Millwake when those guys gave John champagne, the guy who sent the salt, as well as the guy who said "Gaddafi says hello." A very good start I suggest things like screaming Bugle slogans outside Johns office while giving the building the finger.

Please post any ideas you have and get this to the attention of Chris, once this official it's going to be great. For those who need ideas or practice speading Bullsh*t start here. Home grown bull get it fresh from here.Spread the news spread the Bugle the time for war has come.

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