I was really tired when an idea flashed into my head. Create the longest Andy like pun stream of Lybia/Gaddafi based puns and since then I have been making puns on just about everything. Here are the puns

Oh Darnah' Gaddafi, waddi you think you are saying. (Darnah is a city, a waddi is a dried up river bed). If you don’t stop it I’ll Khuss you out good. (Khuss is also a city), then Al Fuquaha Maumar till it Hurt (it doesn’t sound like a pun but it’s another city).

O.K. Sunni I’ll Berber-que your chicken Shiite butt. (You should get the other two but Berbers are an ethnic group). If you don’t stop talking we will take your punishment and Tripoli-t (Tripoli is also a city).

Do you understand you Al Fatay. (Al Fatay is...Surprise it’s a wait for it mountain).

Then we’ll pull out pistols and Bamba'Bamba Banghazi and you will be mortally wounded.(They are all drum roll please cities), and Mosque of the U.N. will be overjoyed.(no point explaining that.)

So shut up or Al Kill you. (Al being a popular prefix for just about everything.) So stop being such a Hun(Another city).

But if you can’t understand such thinly veiled threats, Al Frezzahdry your testicles, Al Saltem, soak em in vinegar and play conkers with them. ( not much point telling you that they are cities.)

So stop being so Zillah (city) (German who got punched in the mouth accent) You kiss your father with those trashy lib-ya.(Self explanatory)

Your only hope is if you Kanbut(city) down you notes, sit down, and shut up. If U.N.’dyour rain(oh I know that was bad but it rains in Libya.)

Who knows you could go out on a man-date with Obama.

P.S. We also want to take a Razzah to that ugly greasy fake hair of yours.

BOOOOOM 26 lybia based puns

Suck on those apples Andy

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