Last time I said I would talk about people who deny climate change and I gave the perfect example.


Now what more needs to be said,


  1. little/no snow in Canada for the olympics
  2. warmest winter on record in Canada
  3. Ice shelfs are falling off

Mass swathes of Scientists are losing the war of Climate change proof

the enemy Nick's brorthers, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, Jesse Jackson, and those other stupid power tools/mega pricks

You don't have to be a scientist to refute claims on TV all you need is

  1. To be famouse
  2. or wright a book
  3. own a suit
  4. write a news paper article

and viola you convince people that massive amounts of scientific proof can be undermined by a little turd who wrote an article on why he didn't believe it, which probably made no sense at all.

If you belive that climate change is a sham

you are

  • an idiot you know that
  • you probably have no friends
  • speak with a lisp and
  • have no life.

If you dont fit that category you are probably

  • paranoid
  • angry
  • exremly racist(a white supremasist
  • and also have no life

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