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  • A group of hardore Buglers decided one day to go through each Bugle and list down the the memorable, jokes, phrases, puns, and moments of the Bugle and now this dream is becoming a reality.

Long jokes have the start time next to them.

Recurring Jokes/CharactersEdit

  • The American : Ep. 2, 7, 14, 15, 19, 23, 27, 33, 42, 50, 55, 63, 87, 99, 109, 139, 158a
  • Producer Tom : Ep 115 (blamed for email problem), 120
  • Producer Chris : Ep 115, Recent Decents May 2010, 116, 117, 119
  • Pun runs Ep. 48, 117 (Dog Puns), 126 (Pasta Puns), 133 (Asian Country Puns), 170 and 171 (Greek Puns), 172 (Latin Writers), 213 (US Presidents)
  • John Singing Ep.14, 33, 80.5 (Regulate) 85 (Holding Out for a Hero), 93 (Build Me Up Buttercup), 100 (Enter Sandman), 113 (Puppy Love), 114 (Anarchy in the UK), 117 (Reprise of Build Me Up Buttercup), 126 (Let's Talk About Sex), 154 (Bump n' Grind)...
  • Andy calling Jesus guilty Ep. 4
  • The Audio Cryptic Crossword
  • John's film career.
  • Things that look like a penis (or other genitalia) : Ep 116, 119
  • Andy uses his classics degree: Ep 115
  • Andy's offspring and/or parenting: Ep 116
  • John meets a celebrity and/or tells about a Daily Show shoot: Ep 116, 117, 118
  • Bad Jew.
  • Andy's bin .
  • Hotties from History : Ep 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 21A, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 44.1, 46, 47, 49, 58, Recent Decents May 2010
  • Sportsmen Acting Crazy
    • Plaxico Burress
    • Chad Ochocinco
    • Delonte West
  • Crazy or Corrupt World Leaders.
  • Listener email: unusual experiences while listening to the Bugle.
  • Fuckeulogy .
  • The Soundproof Safe.
  • The Gospel according to St Bullshit: Ep 137 (St Shelley)
  • Listener music remixes.

Issue 1: How like Vietnam is Iraq?Edit

  • "If you really want to know how many balls to say Iraq is like Vietnam, it takes 3 balls" -John
  • "There are more suicides during party confrences then at any other time of the year. That is a lie but my point stands." -Andy
  • "A lot of people marry for love I think this is weak..." 10:01
  • Armenia and the Genocide that wasn't... 12:13
  • Andy's missing bin in the letter of St. Paul.... 13:46
  • "The issue of human rights is more difficult than before because, there are more humans in the world, but unfortunatly there are the same numbers of rights to go around, so don't blame the government, blame maths." -Andy
  • Crisp manufacturers putting to much salt in crisps... 22:27
  • One song ipod.... 24:24
  • Terrorist literature choice... 26:34

Issue 2: The Empire Strikes BackEdit

  • "We (Britain) did far, far worse things than America could even dream of doing, But we did it with a certain gentle manly swagger" John
  • Antarctica fact box
  • "We claimed we are going in there for scientific research,we just want to scientifically research how much oil we can get out of there, and maybe scientifically research how much money we can get paid for that oil. I don't see whats so hard for them to understand, there are going to be graphs.. There are going to be graphs.
  • Swearing Spectacular
  • First appearance of The American 15:00
  • Johnny Wilkinson RWC world cup comentary 23:36
  • Woles first appearance for the Tantrum Throwing Competition 25:44

Issue 3: California's BurningEdit

  • Global Warming is unamerican ....2:03 (Main Story)
  • Al Gore Ruler of the earth...3:07
  • "These are the greatest days for exaggerations in the history of planet earth" John
  • Andy's first exchange rate joke...8:05
  • "Like an hungry South African carnivore, spotting a sausage shop down a side street, things have taken a turn for the wurst" Andy's first Pun.
  • Belt Busting Breakfast Burrito...13:50
  • Martin Yole's unbelievable Pressure routine... 20:19

Issue 4: Immigrant's SongEdit

  • Main story: Immigration Eveywhere... 1:55-12:18
    • Tabloids reporting on a woman smuggling in immigrants in her stomach... 3:22
    • Immigration factbox ...5:10
  • Writers Guild strike: Andy makes a joke, labeled scab... 14:20
  • Donald Rumsfeld's snowflakes / bumper stickers... 15:22
  • Bugle Comment!: Westboro Baptist Church picketing soldier's funerals... 19:25
    • "Do they hate gay people? Yes, yes they do. I think they've proven that time and time again. Do they hate gay people to the tune of $11 million?" -John
  • Bugle Newsfeature on Fuel/Biofuel/Alternative Enegry... 21:17
    • "In Britian, we've always been pioneers of alternative energies and we were the first nation in the world to use Catholics as a fuel. Fact." -Andy
  • First instance of Andy calling Jesus guilty
  • Travel Supplement!: Why not visit Pakistan this week?... 29:00

Issue 5: 110 Per Cent Behind MusharrafEdit

  • Bush tells Musharaf to relinquish control of the army...3:52
  • Musharaf sarcastic slamming...4:40
  • Pakistan quiz...5:15
  • "What part of gift of democracy are these people struggling to understand!" -John
  • Andy's first suggestive complement of the queen...9:17
  • "It is the queens english, if she wants it to sound nasal and boring, nasal and boring it must sound."- John
  • Second exchange rate joke...
  • "You can't put a price on a statement like that... well you can and that is 240,000 pounds"- John (on Tony Blairs speech in China)
  • King Juan Carlos of Spain tell Hugo Chavez to shut up.... 15:24
  • Food scares and dangerous toys...16:23
  • Date Rape Toys...18:42
  • Total and Utter Fighting Championships...26:54

Issue 6: OPEC: Let's talk oil and fiery rhetoricEdit

Issue 7: 25 million people missingEdit

  • ====Main Story: UK government loses 25 million peoples files in the post. 02:14====
  • Andy: The Queen should cut her own head off! 05:38
  • John: "I shred the leftovers of every meal I eat, it's messy but it's safe." 07:40
  • ====Next Story: Phenomenal drop in violence in Iraq 08:55====
  • John: "The White House does now seem to be using the Presidents incompetence as its sole defence." 10:58
  • Hugo Chavez News 10:58
  • Juan Carlos telling Chavez to 'Shut up' becomes spanish ringtone.
  • ====Ask an American! 15:55====
  • ====Sport: English football is dead. 23:25 ====
  • Commemorative boo 25:47
  • Audio cryptic crossword: 24 across 28:30
  • Bugle Forecast 29:12

Issue 8: Australians keep touching the QueenEdit

Main Story: Australian Election, John Howard v Kevin Rudd (01:31)

  • Who molested the Queen, John Howard or Paul Keating?
  • Australian Fact Box

Party funding issues! Oh no! (08:48)

  • busking for election money
  • Stalin or Mr Bean?
  • John says "schwag" which is definitely how that is pronounced
  • Andy: "get a go with the Queen," "I feel the same way about Florence Nightingale" (14:25)

A bear named Mohammed (15:39)

  • teacher sentenced for allowing children to name a teddy bear Mohammed, JAIL THE CHILDREN!

Peace Watch (17:47)

  • King Solomon, severed baby analogy, with mustard on the side

Emails (20:05)

  • Terrorists stole listener's kidneys
  • Google French military victories
  • An american confirms all Americans were moving house last week
  • I'm making a pizza, is that awesome?

Sport (22:15)

  • Miami Dolphins so close to achieving the winless season
  • Transatlantic punching fest or something
  • Pigeon racing not a sport?? John: "I'm not a pigeon expert"

Audio cryptic crossword (25:20)

  • 11 across

Advent calendar (25:55)

  • Dec 1st-3rd

Issue 9: Iran: Nukes or No Nukes?Edit

John talks about the writer's strike, wishes Andy a Happy Hanukkah.

Main Story: Iran's nuclear program halted (02:45)

  • WWIII is overdue (05:50)
  • Bolivia has too many submarines (07:15)
  • List of nuke owners (10:00)
  • Andy: "Mordecai, what a guy, put state secrets in the public eye" (12:40)

Bush writes a letter to Kim Jong Il

  • Duke of Wellington trash talk (14:50)
  • Flo's steamy letter (15:22)

Russian Election, what's so special about Putin? (15:50)

  • Poisoning suspect elected as an MP
  • Vote for Putin and win a Fridge!

Law Section (19:30)

  • US Supreme Court to rule on Guantanamo
  • Interrogation tapes destroyed, tape of the World's Longest Pets! (12:20)
  • Superprisons in the UK

Emails (24:00)

  • Listener supports Andy's claim that Keating groped the Queen
  • Greatest movie presidents
  • Listener also thinks Flo is hawt, Andy encourages audience to email in about other attractions buglers have towards historical figures

Sport (26:25)

  • Sports personality of the year, nominations opened

Crossword (29:15)

  • 14 across

Hanukkah Forecast, this year is a leap Hanukkah.

Issue 10: Have an Adequate ChristmasEdit

Issue 10A: The Very Best (so far!)Edit

Issue 11: After Iowa, only 302 days left to goEdit

Issue 12: Bush brings yet more chaos to the Middle EastEdit

Issue 13: After 433 years Sark finally gets democracyEdit

Issue 14: Money, Money, MoneyEdit

John sings money by Rick James (01:42) - "His stay was brief, but funky."

Main Story (01:55)Edit

Is the world on the brink of economic meltdown?Edit

  • Another exchange rate joke (03:10)
  • John "The US sneezed its economic balls off" (03:55)
  • John "The french could be the most powerful people in the world if they all kept themselves to themselves" (08:35)

Resignation News (08:40)Edit

  • Andy "£100000 could buy a seventeen second long presidential campaign" (10:08)

Middle East Update (11:00)Edit

  • Gaza goes on an explosive shopping trip

Mitt Romney factbox (12:50)Edit

  • Andy "If you do get in a wrestling match with a pig, these are the steps you should take. ..." (16:33)

Ask an American! (17:22)Edit


  • John announces he is a 'complete convert' to Hotties from History (26:05)
  • Mother Teresa Hotties Nomination (28:36)

Bugle SportEdit

Issue 21: Swearing at the Queen!Edit

Issue 24: Was Stonehenge an ancient taxdodge?Edit


Issue 25: John loves the PopeEdit

Issue 26: Food! Nonexistent Food!Edit

Issue 27: The Swimsuit EditionEdit

Issue 28: Dead Hill WalkingEdit

Issue 29: Adults and AliensEdit

Issue 30: Volcano PornEdit

Issue 31: Sharon Stone fludges her pontulliusEdit

Issue 32: Obama and KSMEdit

Issue 33: George Bush: 'Regrets? I've had a few'Edit

Issue 34: You Will Know Us By Our Knobbly FruitEdit

"If you were a biscuit, what type of biscuit would you be?"

"If you weren't a cunt, what type of job would you have?"

Issue 35: Barack Obama and his disappearing change hatEdit

Issue 35*: Independence Day SpecialEdit

Issue 36: Oil Prices, recession & inflation but what do the G8 do? Have an 18 course mealEdit

Issue 37: Barack Obama is coming to Europe!Edit

Issue 38: Karadzic's Scooby Doo disguiseEdit

Issue 39: McCain, Andy and John plumb new depths with their Obama attack adEdit

Issue 40: Osama Bin Laden's taxi driverEdit

Issue 41: Russia gets gold at Olympic sport of invasionEdit

Issue 42: An Olympics SpecialEdit

Issue 43: Democratic convention specialEdit

Issue 44: Republican Convention SpecialEdit

Issue 44.1: The sub-issue you've all been waiting forEdit

Issue 45: Help Save The Investment BankerEdit

Issue 46: Economic Armageddon ApproachethEdit

Issue 47: Sarah Palin- One giant leap backwards for humankindEdit

Issue 48: How Low Will They Go?Edit

Issue 49: Joe the plumber now regrets chatting to Barack ObamaEdit

Issue 50: US Election nearly over!Edit

Issue 51: Let it all be over soon!Edit

Issue 52: Spoiler alert! Obama wonEdit

Issue 53: Obama and his not so secret code nameEdit

Issue 54: The Vegas SpecialEdit

Issue 55a: The Thanksgiving SpecialEdit

Issue 55: Shooting One's Own LegEdit

Issue 56: Selling Barack Obamas seatEdit

Issue 57: Hats off to Obama shoes off for BushEdit

Issue 58: What Did you get for Xmas? Peace In The Middle East?Edit

Issue 59: Why Obama's inauguration will be like the Rio carnivalEdit

Issue 60: Goodbye George Hello BarackEdit

Issue 61: Obama Inauguration SpecialEdit

Issue 62: Obama and his do nothing wonderlandEdit

Issue 63: Foreign Snow Invades BritainEdit

Issue 64: Bankers pretend to apologiseEdit

Issue 64 Appendage 1: The new webpage guided tourEdit

Issue 65: Will Obamas stimulus revive the world economy? Who caresEdit

Issue 66: Brown gets rubbish present from ObamaEdit

Issue 67: Monkey News Special!Edit

Issue 68: Obama and his Al Qaeda Style VideoEdit

Issue 69: Possibly the longest penis joke in the world, everEdit

Issue 70: G-G-G-G-G-GEEEE 20Edit

Issue 70.1: Supplementary Easter EggEdit

Issue 71: Torture and Dictators specialEdit

Issue 72: The Real Swine Flu VaccineEdit

Issue 73: Are the Taliban skiing down the Swat Valley?Edit

Issue 74: Claiming expenses for MPs that do not existEdit

Issue 75: What to do with Gitmo let fear decideEdit

Issue 76: Calling out North KoreaEdit

Issue 77: Gordon Brown gets a bad dose of the quitsEdit

Issue 78: Apathy or the far right Europe decidesEdit

Issue 79: Iranian election specialEdit

Issue 80: Iran, pick on a country your own size!Edit

Issue 80 point 5: Independence Day SpecialEdit

Issue 81: The G8 the world's slowest superheroesEdit

Issue 82: Freedom of Speech SpecialEdit

Issue 83: Obama pay for this or you will be deadEdit

Issue 84: Future SpecialEdit

Issue 85: I need a hero! Bill Clinton goes to North KoreaEdit

Issue 86: Burma triumphs in made up crime preventionEdit

Issue 87: Afghanistan celebrates election with fireworks or gunsEdit

Issue 88: Iran and its glitzy show trialsEdit

Issue 88.1: Travel SectionEdit

The Bugle is still on holidayEdit

Issue 89: Good Health Bad HealthEdit

Issue 90: Bring on the crazy, Gaddafi!Edit

Issue 91: Happy Birthday Communist ChinaEdit

Issue 92: Obama wins first preemptive Nobel Peace PrizeEdit

Issue 93: Peak Oil SpecialEdit

Issue 94: Does the EU really want El Presidente BlairEdit

Issue 94 and a half: Autumn VacationEdit

Issue 95: Walls Wars and PowerEdit

Issue 96: Two Star Review for this year's Queen's SpeechEdit

Issue 96A: Thanksgiving for BerlusconiEdit

Issue 97: Bad News for Stupid Buildings, Afghanistan and shoesEdit

Issue 98: Britant can no longer afford defence against aliensEdit

Issue 99: Berlusconi takes a cathedral to the faceEdit

Issue 99A: The Best of 99 BuglesEdit

Issue 99B: The Bugle Musical SpecialEdit

Issue 100: The 100th EpisodeEdit

Issue 101: Barack Obama and how to lose hope and irritate peopleEdit

Massachusetts elects Republican Scott Brown to the Senate; Democrats lose anti-filibuster majority.

"If you're Obama, Andy - and I know you're the first to admit you're not - then it's impossible to interpret this as anything other than a slap to the face, a kick to the balls, and an entirely unnecessary tweak to the left nipple." - John on Massachusetts electing Republican Scott Brown to the Senate.

"I'm sorry you don't agree with our healthcare platform, and I'm even sorrier that your mother's sexually transmitted diseases will now go untreated. BOOM." - John

John Edwards' lovechild

Kraft takes over Cadbury

"This will not stand. First they came for our tea, and I was not yet born, so I did not speak up. Then they came for Manchester United, but I was not a Manchester United fan so I did not speak up. Then they came for our mid- to low-range confectionery and I lost my shit. That's it Andy, I'm stitching my red coat, polishing my musket and I'll meet you on Virginia Beach. They've pushed us too far. We are taking America back!" - John gets a bit touchy about it

"Those are passionate words for someone who just used the word 'math'." - Andy's response

Issue 102: Why the global economy is like ElvisEdit

Issue 103: Climate change denial and Narnia of nutcasesEdit

Issue 104: Valentines Day SpecialEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 104a: Where is John?Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 105: Back off our islands Argentina!Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 106: The American right to flip the birdEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 107: An Ethics SpecialEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 108: Eyes on AfricaEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 109: In Rude HealthEdit

Link to mp3

11:05 And Minority Leader Boehner has responded to this by saying "I know many Americans are angry over this health care bill and that Washington Democrats just aren't listening, but as I've said, violence and threats are unnacceptable. Thats not the American way."  Oh, really?  Try telling that to anyone wearing a red coat in Boston in the late 1700s. Cuz it sure as shit felt like it was the American way then. As the crowd surged towards you with a barrel of tar and a bag of feathers. No, I'm not over it!

Issue 110: Britain Holds Its BreathEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 111: Some Seroiously Bad Pope-ingEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 112: Birthday Party! Super Best Friends Invited!Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 113: Countdown to Vote-ageddonEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 114: Waking Up In A Different BritainEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 115: Five more years of thisEdit

Link to mp3

The UK has a government again! Andy: "So they get to be in government, despite having missed the biggest sitting duck since the 35 stone Hawaiian sumo wrestler Konishiki dressed up like a mallard for a pond awareness campaign photo shoot but fell asleep in an armchair."

No email and it's TOM'S FAULT.

Pitch invasions by fans of the Philadelphia Phillies, and an excellent baseball-related double bird.

The Bugle: Recent Decents - May 2010Edit

Link to mp3

Assembled by Producer Chris.

Long introduction: Italian food, Italian roadkill, other roadkill.

Feature: Sleep and the risks of not getting enough.

British political parties that are amazingly not bullshit.

Limited overs cricket.


Email: ceremony to commemorate Florence Nightingale, proposed Hotties from History gathering.

Issue 116: Freeze The OilEdit

Link to mp3

Andy's daughter Mathilda and how Andy gets her to eat.

John meets the US soccer team that will play at the World Cup for the Daily Show.

Andy tells about a historical belch.

Top story: Oil slick on the Louisiana coast. Measuring oil in milk jugs. Or, say, cricket bats. Producer Chris does essential research.

Robert Mugabe sending an ark of African animals to Kim Jong Il.

Email: London 2102 Olympics mascots that look like penises.

Email: Request for John to record a Bugle alarm clock.

Email: The Bugle as an exam revision tool.

Issue 117: She bored'er colleaguesEdit

Link to mp3

John meets the granddaughter of W.C. Fields. The timelessness of stupid jokes. Make The Bugle hereditary.

Top story: Israel boards/storms a ship resupplying Gaza.

Joke political party in Iceland is elected.

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson are planning a huge concert in Australia for dogs.

PUN RUN: dog puns.

Scientists on coffee. Massive use of coffee by both John and Andy. Chris does research on what little milk pots are called.

Email: Calculating the oil spill in terms of cricket bats.

Email: student in Wisconsin paints John and Andy.

Email: Bugler writes from Antarctica. Reprise of Build Me Up Buttercup from Bugle 93.

Issue 118: World Cup SpecialEdit

Link to mp3

Introduction: World Cup! John will be in Johannesburg.

Top Story: Preview of England vs the USA in the World Cup! John has pretaped three different Daily Show segments for the three possible outcomes. 

Bugle Classic World Cup Commentaries: 1954 World Cup Final: Germany v Hungary.

Bugle Classic World Cup Commentaries: 1986 World Cup Quarterfinal: Mexico v Argentina featuring Diego Maradona.

Preview: English Hooligans v South African Police Force.

Bugle World Cup Quiz! Includes traces of fact. Andy: "This is a fact...of sorts."

Great World Cup Moments

Forecast: Who will win the World Cup?

Issue 119: Oil Never Do It AgainEdit

Link to mp3

Andy: "the first Bugle ever to be recorded during a World Cup."

Top Story: Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Producer Chris does real-time wikipedia research on whether halibut eat plankton.

Minerals found in Afghanistan, and Gen. Petraeus faints before Congress.

Shittest World Cup ever! North Korea reports on its national football team's performance; John and Andy compare this to Kim Jong-il's golf skill. The ball being used in the World Cup sucks.

27:10 Vuvuzela discussion. Andy is not a fan.

Email: USA vs England: "F**k you and your butterfingers goalie! USA! USA!"

Email: Massive wang drawn on a bridge in St Petersburg.

31:00-34:35 Email: A listener offers to make the Bugle official sponsor of his wedding. Discussion ensues.

34:35 Email: Best first sentence of a news story.

Condolences to sound engineer Paul whose basketball team lost some kind of championship thingy.

The Times puts the Bugle web page behind a paywall. 

Issue 120: McChrystal BallsEdit

Link to mp3

The Bugle is passing the 70 hour mark!

Top Story: General Stanley McChrystal complains about the running of the war in Afghanistan and it's published in Rolling Stone. Oops. Includes an excellent bird. Andy quotes General David Petraeus giving an interview to a magazine for teenage girls.

Pensions in the UK public sector. 

Booboo news: Islamic cleric says a man drinking a woman's breast milk makes them family. Theological discussion ensues.

World Cup is less shit now! Especially because the French have been hilariously bad. Exclusive English-language commentary on the French performance.

Tom the Producer drops by to talk about the World Cup, take the piss out of England, and say fuck you, Chris.

Email: Suggested highly Bugle-influenced wedding vows.

Sport: Wikipedia vandalism affecting golfer Graeme McDowell. Extremely long tennis game and other long sporting events.

Issue 121: I spy with my little eye..Edit

Link to mp3

For the week beginning 5th July, 2010.

John tells about hosting a charity award ceremony at Radio City Music Hall. John: "all that razzmatazz culminating in a bespectacled English man walking out in a grey suit looking like he's about to talk to everyone about their taxes".

Andy tells about history that was overlooked at the time. The Queen and Clark Gable on D-Day -- who knew...

Top story: Inept spies in the USA. John: "Andy, there are only three things better than stories about spies; they are: ice cream, the release of Nelson Mandela, and Lionel Messi."

Barack Obama criticised for playing too much golf. Commentary included.

Barack Obama and David Cameron trade beers.

King Tut's penis has disappeared! 

World Cup: Disappointment about England's elimination. John manages to keep his girlfriend.

Email: Flipping the bird with an actual bird.

Issue 122: Donald Trump in dragEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 122a: History of the World Part 1Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 122b: History of the World Part 2Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 122g: History of the World Part 3Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 122d: History of the World Part 4Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 123: That clock is pimped out!Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 124: Brazilliant!Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 125: Donor FatigueEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 126: Let's talk about peace, babyEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 127: 12 Friends and 1 ChampionEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 128: UN-couthEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 129: Kim Jong UnbelievableEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 130: Fire SaleEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 131: A Miner CelebrationEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 132: Massive CutsEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 132 and a bit: Cut for a reasonEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 132 and an old bit: No BugleEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 133: Backwang ForeverEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 134: Royal Wedding Souvenir EditionEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 135: Kim Jong il-conceivedEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 136: Do I Not Leak ThatEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 137: Crazies SpecialEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 138: A Christmas Bugle!Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 138a: More Old GoldEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 138b: Review of 2010Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 139: *Spoiler alert* 2011 Preview SpecialEdit

Link to mp3

-Britain to allow public to submit bills to parliament

-Dead bird news

-The American

Issue 140: The Divorce of a NationEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 141: Tunisia is RevoltingEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 142: Egypt EruptsEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 143: Egypt crisis - a good time to buy a jumperEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 144: No Going MubarakEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 144a: Lowlights 2011Edit

  • "Some shit bits that weren't good enough to go on recent shows" - Andy
  • (19:20) Chris says that Andy and John don't love us as much as he does, and he can "barely, barely hold back the contempt I have for you at the best of times". Fuck you Chris.

Link to mp3

Issue 145: Libyeah or LibynaEdit

  • First ever Bugle from Asia, first Bangalore Bugle.
  • British imperialism bit
  • 400 Years to the day since Swiss King Olaf The Weird inadvertently discovered skiing
  • As many Bugles as flavors of ice cream at John the Baptist's 5th birthday party
  • Top Story: Unrest Update; Libyikes!
  • Gaddafi bits
  • "[Gaddafi] is like Puff Daddy or Madonna, Andy. When you've been in power for as long as he has, you have to keep re-inventing yourself so that you stay relevant and people don't get bored" - John
  • Silvio Berlusconi news (23:45)
  • "We've all got our Hosni Mubarak excuses" - Andy
  • Leadership birthday news (26:20)
  • Robert Mugabe turned 87 this week. Sent a cermonial 87 "fuck you"s from the rest of the planet
  • Uganda news (28:10)
  • Bugle feature section: travel! (30:05)
  • British imperialism reference

Link to mp3

Issue 146: Long over-JewEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 146a: Lowerlights 2011Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 147: Man Versus NatureEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 147a: Zaltman, live from DhakaEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 147b: More Salztman, live from DhakaEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 148: Mayhem UpdateEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 149: #crucifybieberEdit

Link to mp3

World's highest-scoring football match! 147-0, and the entertaining true story of why.

Justin Bieber causes diplomatic incident in Israel. Analysis of Bieber lyrics with Israel in mind.

Israel's foreign minister flushes a toilet live on air during a radio interview. John thinks this should happen more often.

Unrest in Syria. The Economist and its Unrest Index.

Czech minister steals a pen.

210-foot penis painted on bridge in St Petersburg wins an award as a work of art!

Email: The Bugle is not funny enough to distract a man from his own vasectomy.

Andy's bullshit story about a new approach to bullfighting.

Second fundraiser featuring Andy's daughter's athletic achievement.

Issue 150: Royal Wedding PreviewEdit

Link to mp3

The royal wedding is nearly here!

Also: Happy Good Friday, when Andy's people brought a man to justice.

John was in London, and he and Andy went out to eat in Chinatown and had a peppery meal.

There are the same number of Bugles as psalms in the Bible! Andy mentions some Psalms that didn't make the cut. 

Jesus gives a post-crucifixion press conference. The Gospel According to Alvin.

Royal wedding! The importance of the event. John sings "Comfortably Numb".

Prince Charles has become the longest-serving heir apparent in British history.

Andy suggests gifts for the royal couple. The Queen has now met the parents of her future granddaughter-in-law.

Andy reports on what the bride will wear.

Kate Middleton's family has had a new coat of arms designed. John and Andy don't think much of it, and suggest that Buglers submit designs for the Bugle Coat of Arms. Chris submits a drawing of two sets of cock 'n' balls. Andy makes this into a contest; the prize is a mug from the Royal Wedding of Charles and Diana.

People in Wales have the opportunity to write in a guestbook for the royal wedding. John and Andy discuss the importance of having moderators filter what is written. John solicits guestbook entries from Buglers.

Royal wedding things bookies are taking bets on: what will be served at the dinner?

Andy reports on world leaders' responses to the wedding and tells about special bylaws that only apply on days of royal weddings.

The Bugle Archives: 1934, when Prince George of Kent married Princess Marina of Greece and Denmark. Exclusive archival recording from the BBC.

Email: No email will be read out that isn't royal wedding related!

Sport: No sport, only weddings!

Issue 151: Regal BugleEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 152: Compromised to a permanent endEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 153: Wake Up, GaddafiEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 154: Keep it in your pantsEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 155: The Queen is on fire!Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 156: Who's Tailin' Palin?Edit

Link to mp3

Issue 157: Reacting like a coiled donutEdit

Link to mp3

Issue 158: Hot Rod & Dragster Strike OutEdit

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Issue 158a: Trully OffalEdit

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Issue 159: Everything Must Go!Edit

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Issue 160: News Out Of This WorldEdit

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Issue 161: Hacking: A self esteem issueEdit

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Issue 162: Making a mountain out of a mountainEdit

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Issue 163: Debt To AmericaEdit

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Issue 163a: Too OffalEdit

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Issue 164: Ich Bin Ein HulkmaniacEdit

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Issue 165: Bashar goes to Madcon 1Edit

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Issue 166: Gaddafi's Last Bugle?Edit

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Issue 166a: We're back, AndyEdit

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Issue 166b: This offal tastes funnyEdit

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Issue 166g: Offal EdinburgherEdit

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Issue 167: Berlusconi: Hard to swallowEdit

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Leaders Special #1: Silvio BerlusconiEdit

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Leaders Special #2L Mahmood AhmadinejadEdit

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Issue 168: Streets of RageEdit

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Issue 169: Captain Crazy corks itEdit

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Issue 170: It's time to ban slap bassEdit

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Issue 171: A Greek TragedyEdit

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Issue 172: Berlusconi bows outEdit

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Issue 173: Techno! Techno! Technocrat!Edit

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Issue 173a: Turkey OffalEdit

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Issue 174: Britain's Back Baby!Edit

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Issue 175: Putin the boot inEdit

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Issue 176: Deep Space NineEdit

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The Best of 2011: Part 1Edit

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The Best of 2011: Part 2Edit

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Issue 177: Weapons of mass electionEdit

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Issue 178: The Final CountdownEdit

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