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Sorry guys but ripping your hair out at every bad pun is not helping

While the Bugle has many homeopathic properties, where a joke is so far diluted that there is no modular signaure of the oringial joke, consider this aricle a health warning.

The List of Diseases that the Bugle CAN'T Cure.Edit

  • The Clap.
  • Athlete's foot.
  • Baldness (sorry Andy, it's just not working).
  • That itch that you get in your back and you've no idea where it come from and it's right in the middle where you can't reach.
  • Peyronie's disease.
  • Nyctohylophobi.
  • John Wilkes Booth disease.
  • Baby giantism.
  • Elephantitus (our thoughts and prayers go out to John Oliver during his struggles)
  • Bad actoring (if you don't think it's a disease you have not seen The Love Guru the musical)
  • Scottishness
  • Being French (and therefore not existing)

Fuck you Chris

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